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In the mobile app, a neutral tone will be marked incorrectly in a word if you give the correct tone for the character when not in a word. For example, 喜歡 would be marked incorrectly if you answered 3+1 instead of 3+5. This is what I’d expect.

The webapp however will consider the character tone correct even if it should be neutral when used in a word. So, in 喜歡, 3+1 would be marked correct.

This is both inconsistent and is reinforcing the wrong answer.

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This issue usually boils down to a regional difference. This word has been set up to accept both huan1 or huan5 (since it’s pronounced xi3huan1 in Taiwan). Any words this applies to will accept either tone on them, even though it lists one reading. Here’s a post that goes into this a little bit (you could skip to the “Neutral tone” area): https://blog.skritter.com/2015/09/mandarin-tone-changes-in-skritter/

The real solution here would be to implement different modes depending on regional difference opposed to accepting multiple forms, however that is the way the system is designed. We hope to address this down the road!



Weird. It doesn’t seem to behave that way in the mobile app. When I give a correct character tone rather than a neutral tone for the second character of a word, it gets marked incorrect.

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You’re right! I’ve opened an issue so this can be implemented in. Thanks for letting us know about this!


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