Website keeps pausing during study

So I have found I actually review tones/pinyin/def’n on the website because that is way faster with a keyboard and writing on the phone, but recently the website keeps pausing and I can’t get study to continue without refreshing the whole page.

dev console stack trace:
libraries.js:61 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getPromptCharacters’ of undefined
at V.i.getPromptItems (application.js:34)
at (application.js:45)
at V.i.handlePromptNext (application.js:45)
at V.i.i [as handlePromptNext] (libraries.js:47)
at f (libraries.js:1)
at M (libraries.js:1)
at p (libraries.js:1)
at V.i.a.trigger (libraries.js:1)
at (application.js:5)
at V.i._processPromptSubmit (application.js:6)
at V.i.handleReadingPromptKeydown (application.js:6)
at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (libraries.js:37)
at HTMLDivElement.d.handle (libraries.js:37)
at HTMLDivElement.i (libraries.js:61)
getPromptItems @ application.js:34
next @ application.js:45
handlePromptNext @ application.js:45
i @ libraries.js:47
f @ libraries.js:1
M @ libraries.js:1
p @ libraries.js:1
a.trigger @ libraries.js:1
next @ application.js:5
_processPromptSubmit @ application.js:6
handleReadingPromptKeydown @ application.js:6
dispatch @ libraries.js:37
d.handle @ libraries.js:37
i @ libraries.js:61

This is one up to date chrome(Version 86.0.4240.80) and mac os.

We got your email too, and thanks for posting the log and OS details :slight_smile:

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Ya sorry should have only filed in one place. I got confused and did it here first before I thought about the website being the better place. Is there an easy way to delete threads so it doesn’t clutter? If I delete my post does it clear the thread out?

I’ll lock it and have it close in 24-hours.