What Beginner Level Chinese Reading Books are Available?

I’ve recently discovered the Mandarin Companion books (Secret Garden, etc) and love them, however I’m wondering if there are other beginner level readers by other companies available to help me practice lower level reading in an interesting way? To add an extra wrinkle, I’m studying Traditional characters, so I need books in Traditional, not simplified.

Any help would be appreciated!

This might seem odd, but I’m going to answer my own question since I found a great resource!

Just Learn Chinese has a great free collection of graded short stories for learners to practice with, and all stories (some of which are multi-part serials) are in both Simplified and Traditional characters (as well as Pinyin). You can also mouse over characters and they have audio readings of them as well!

Anyhow. Just putting this here in case anyone else might find it useful.


Hey Rob,
Not odd at all! Your self-answer is very helpful.