Where is the old + button (Android)

Hello guys, I gotta say the new desing is fantastic, I love the feature you can write by hand without support! But I don’t understand in review mode (due cards) how to add cards, in the past we had a very obvious + button and we could ad 5, 10 etc cards, but now… How :man_shrugging:

Go to any of the decks you’d like to study from and press the learn button either on the deck or the deck section level. It’ll show you a preview card and than take you through all the cards you’re parts your studying. Once an item has been learned it’ll go into review for long-term retention.

You can also press the “mark as learned” button on the preview card to skip the learning and add it straight into review.

Note: as you learn things, you can also do a deck level test, or a section level test and filter for only your learned cards in case you need to do any cramming for a quiz or just wanna get more reps on a particular section. It won’t count toward reviews, but is helpful for focused studying and acing those 听写!

Some kind of “classic” Skritter mode will be coming into the app in the future, but for now that is how you get new stuff into review. Unlike previous version of adding, you can jump to any section of any deck to start adding things. So it doesn’t have to follow any specific order.

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Thank you for the guidance, I m gonna add some news cards then :slight_smile:

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