Where is the teaching mode function in the android app?

I have just signed up for the app because it says that it can actually show you the correct stroke order of characters - awesome!

I installed the HSK 1 set of vocab words but the app doesn’t ever teach me the characters - it just pops up a new word with the pinyin and English translation at the top of the page and asks me to write the associated character. I have to guess until finally, it shows me the character I am meant to be learning.

Is there a setting that I need to change to get it to teach me the characters before it starts to ask me to write them?


To see the stroke order you tap the little wand icon. Or at least I think it is a wand. It is on the left side right above the character writing area. To see the character (without stroke order guidance) you need to tap the eye icon. Tap once in the writing area to see only the next stroke.

Hi Procellis

Thanks for your reply!

I don’t have any icons above the writing area. This is what I see:

How can I get the icons to show on my screen?


The buttons are only there in the old non-beta Android app, whereas the current beta uses gestures instead. In the beta version, you can get a preview of the character with a long press on the screen. It can be finicky, so sometimes it takes a few presses with extra care taken that you’re not moving your finger. (Of course, it works very well when I pause to think or interact with someone while writing a character and it decides I need help). I think is another gesture that does more of a teaching display, but I can’t remember what it is.

It’s not as shiny, but I found the non-beta Android version to provide a better user experience than the beta.

Thanks powelliptic

I did wonder if it was something to do with the beta version of the app.

I tried uninstalling the app and redownloading it but I am still seeing the beta version. I think my account must be linked to use the beta app.

I need to find out how I can get out of the beta program.

I found the answer to my question so I thought I would share, just in case anyone else needs it.

The canvas can accept various finger gestures to trigger actions.

One finger tap: single stroke hint
One finger hold: reveal the character
Two finger hold: enable teaching mode
Swipe up: erase the current character

This is all in the Skritter mobile beta guide.

Beta Guide


We’re glad you figured it out.

The Android Beta is now out for testing: https://docs.skritter.com/article/158-becoming-mobile-beta-tester