Why does the IOS app hide definition during readings?

IOS app (Jp) seems to hide definition when testing readings. It shows kanji and asks for a reading just from that. Wouldn’t it make sense to show definitions, as words can have multiple readings? Or am I missing something? Ideally it’d be like the web version where you can hit a button to show definitions for such words.

Ah, do you happen to have the “hide reading” option enabled in your settings? That would cause both the definition and reading to be hidden from reading prompts.

That would explain it. The web version has separate options for both.

Looks like I’m gonna turn off hiding for mobile. Normally I prefer to hide both, but there seems to be only a “tap to show” for readings on iOS.

Actually I would say that for me the problem is the other way round. Although I selected “hid reading/definition” I still get a lot of reading prompts with the definition which I find is counterproductive as I then unwillingly translate from English instead of knowing how the character is being read.
So I second that there should be two differentiated options for hiding reading and/or definition but if turned on the should effectively hid them all. And not only an apparently random selection of definitions.