3.5.4 Testing Notes

We’ve submitted 3.5.4 (300447) beta builds to Android and Apple and they’re waiting for review at the time of posting this.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for in the builds.

  • Added a new highly experimental Taiwan font option for accounts set to traditional
  • Deck section word scroll position will now stay preserved after studying an item from the Info screen’s “learn now” button.
  • Deck section scroll position stays preserved when going in and out of a deck section as long as the rejuvenation alert is hidden.
  • Single kana and diphthong definition cards will no longer be showing in the app to avoid displaying unnecessary cards in the app
  • General bug fixes and improvements

What to test for
Mostly general testing for this particular build. Deck section scroll position is improved a bit when entering and exiting words and deck sections.

If you’re studying Traditional Chinese characters you should certainly give the new Taiwan font (BETA) a spin. Turning this toggle on will load the Taiwan MoE KaiTi font from the web inside the app, and replace all instances of the character on study cards, and the Info screen.

Because the font doesn’t line up with our stroke order hints we’ve intentionally removed the “trace the stroke” card from the learning flow to reduce stress.

Happy skrittering!


@Farham @Apomixis this beta should make studying a single item from a deck section a bit more pleasant for ya.


Thanks a lot! It’s much appreciated and looking forward to it!

Be on the lookout for 3.5.4 (300451) later this evening. I’m going to be busy so I’m posting notes in advance :slight_smile:

Things worth checking out in the build:

  1. We fixed some regressions in grading behavior on Review and Test modes for writing cards specifically. Erasing and writing incorrect characters correctly, for example, will no longer change the grade to “got it” (thanks @ShaneOH for finding that one!)
  2. Learn mode now displays visual feedback changes after you erase or rewrite characters and tone cards (there is no grade submitted in learning mode, but the colors and sound effects will now change if you get a card correct, for example).
  3. We improved the speed of item rejuvenation and it should be a noticeable difference. It still isn’t close to instantaneous, but it should take a bit of the sting out of pressing the button on larger decks/accounts.
  4. You’ll now find a “Mark all complete” button in the deck options menu which automatically marks everything in a deck section as complete. PLEASE USE THIS WITH CAUTION!!!

Note: We use “Mark all complete” in internal testing, and we’re keeping this in the build as an experiment. We’ll be monitoring datastore costs and everything else to see if we can sustain the feature on the v0 API. If it ends up choking our server, and blocking people from adding items the normal way for some reason we’ll have to pull support and circle back to this (along with more controlled bulk-adding) in the future on the v3 API.

I think I’ve reported this issue earlier, and it hadn’t shown up for a while, but it’s happened again (latest android beta) -

  1. added a few (completely new) words from a deck through the “learn” button from the deck.
  2. before the syncing finished left the deck
  3. new words shows up in my due cards
  4. opened the deck again, words are marked as “added from a different deck” and I the get rejuvenate popup, but rejuvenation doesn’t have any effect on the marking the words as learned.

We’ve reverted a change that was causing issues with this, but it should be working now!

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