Legacy website charts much better

Hi there.

I’ve been unhappy with the newer website stats page ever since it came out. It is impossible to get a snapshot “view” of one’s progress there.

I returned to the legacy website today and was delighted to find the old yearly, monthly, weekly charts with such detail for each learning component of both characters and words. And such ease of sliding the slider bar back across years and months to compare with past progress.

At a glance, I can easily see how I am progressing on the legacy app. It is so important for motivation and encouragement.

It’s the one I’ll be using from now on.

Why did you get rid of this abundance of information on the newer website?

The v1 API that is used on all non-legacy clients doesn’t lend itself to fetching large amounts of data in a good way. It’s always been on the list of things to improve once we had a newer, faster API serving the data.

So future plans are to restore the charts? That would be good.

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