Skritter app desynced and reverted all of days progress

During a review session skritter suddenly ended the session and started displaying the syncing screen

For some reason after this all progress I made that day was reverted… I lost about 2000 reviews and 2 hours of study time. What I do not understand is that all my progress that was synced beforehand also was lost?!

Please make this never happen again… Even if you desync please please remember the state and keep as much of the progress as possible after downloading the serverside data again. This is really frustrating

Not only that. Obviously now doing these items again I have a much much higher rate of remembering. So not only did I lost time now my SRS for these items is also messes up…

You can lower your retention rate in account settings for app, via Skritter website:

After login, click on username on top right for scroll list → Account, then on ´Study´ in the left column.
In the middle of the page, locate the setting for ´Retention rate´, and adjust as desired, 87-97%.

Default seems to be 95%, if I´m not mistaken.

Retention rate isn’t used by the mobile apps. Changing that setting on the website may affect the website workings, but won’t change mobile behavior.

@sirati without having more information it sounds like the app updated to the latest version (3.8.4). In this version after updating it forces a fresh sync of all data to fix some bad data the got cached in a previous version and to force download new audio we’ve generated recently. The app shouldn’t automatically update from the App Store or Google Play when being used but it’s possible that if it was moved to the background this happened which force closes the app before it can sync. Previous data that had been saved earlier in the day shouldn’t have been lost though and looking at your account I do still see hundreds of reviews per day for the past few days.

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