Skritter keeps suggesting strokes without me asking

I’m learning the simplified Chinese hanzi on the web version. I don’t know if its being caused by my drawing tablet but it seems like every other character I try to draw, I’ll be in the middle of a stroke and then Skritter will throw up an outline of the entire character without me asking. And then when I finish drawing the character it says I “forgot” because I “needed a hint” when I never asked Skritter to show me the outline to begin with.

Hmm, could it be possible you’re somehow triggering “S” on the keyboard (or through a button on the drawing tablet?)

That shouldn’t be the case, my hand is nowhere near the keyboard and I’m left handed so the macro keys on my drawing tablet are also on the far side away from my hand. I just tested it too, i went to draw a character and without touching anything other than the corner of my drawing tablet I had the suggestion popup. I’m beginning to suspect that one of the specific swiping motions is the culprit.

The gestures are single click to reveal a stroke, and double click to show the full character. It could be that hovering over the writing tablet is causing a click. Maybe there are settings on the writing tablet to change the sensitivity, or perhaps a button on the pen that causes a click?

What tablet and browser are you using?

I’ve made a gif to show you what happens:

My first assumption was that it was being caused by the two buttons on the pen so I disabled those. I guess it could be due to the pens sensitivity and that would mean it isn’t easily solved by Skritter, which is a bummer. I wish there was a way to disable the suggestions all together

I nuked the sensitivity on my drawing tablet and I’ll see if that helped

@SkritterMichael any tips of helping this user with a writing tablet? Is this something you’ve come across before?

@jkmcameron what device/browser and tablet are you using?

Thanks for the gif, @jkmcameron It’s always helpful to see exactly what you see! It almost looks like you did a fake/failed attempt at the 4th stroke of 客 before you wrote it again and it got recognized. Am I right or reading into the movement too much? Do you remember if you were just getting ready to write the stroke or did you try and write it but nothing appeared on the canvas at first?

The sensitivity on the website of the tapping code has always been a bit finicky, something I hope we can patch up in our next canvas update for the website. I do accidental taps more in general when I use pen input just because it’s easier to tap something accidentally (e.g. gravity, holding the pen close to the screen…), so that could be triggering some unintended character reveals. It could also be something about your pen or the way the browser interprets the input too.

Like @Gwilym said, any extra info you can give us about device and browser will help us narrow this down!

No that was me moving my pen in circles trying to recall what the next stroke was lol, I hadn’t actually touched down onto the tablet yet.

I have a VEIKK A30 drawing tablet that I bought exclusively for learning hanzi, and I am using google chrome

Turning down the sensitivity on my drawing tablet helped a lot, still happens every once in a while but I could turn the sensitivity down further

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