Skritter Mobile Beta Updates


Yup. Good call.

We’ll have this in the next public beta until we can clean up goals for real.


Just pushed out 3.0.15 which contains numerous bug fixes as well as a few larger things. This build includes two new settings Auto reveal and Sound effects.

Auto reveal is for people who are using hide definition or hide reading and want to choose how to behaves when they complete a prompt. It is enabled by default, but we recommend toggling it off for a more challenging experience that helps prevent better recall of information.

Sound effects will play sounds when you select grading buttons. We plan on improving the sound effects and adding more, but we’d love to get your initial feedback. We are aware of the sounds being a bit too quiet and will be adjusting in the next update.


@lechuan It’ll be in the next build.


Just For awareness: After updating to 3.0.15, my Due Count was ~300 less on the beta iOS than the S2 website showed. This was the first beta where they didn’t match.

I deleted the beta and reinstalled, which fixed the issue after reinstalling.


Quick note for all. You shouldn’t need to delete and install anymore if things are being crazy from 3.0.15 onward. We added a redownload all data button to General Settings. Just tap that and get the latest stuff. A good check before opening a bug report if something nasty is happening :slight_smile:


Regarding the added sounds effects, I have to admit that these little things have been missing in skritter so far. It’s just a detail, but I really like it and it gives me a more “personal” feeling using the app. As stupid as it might sound, but these little details motivate me more to study. Just continue and keep focusing on such little details as well! And sure, the volume is too low, but you mentioned that already.


A card appeared that had an image in the definition. It shows up fine in the popover definition, but not in the main screen.


Just as a suggestion/question: is it possible to make use of iPhones’ taptic engine and hence integrate some light vibrations? I.e. every time you made a wrong stroke and a different light vibration for a correct stroke? Something this way, of course it should be optional, same as the sound effects. This would add to the more “intense and personal” feeling you can get by studying with Skritter. For sure there might be even other ways to implement the taptic engine.Would like to here your opinion on that.


Would be awesome to explore when we get to the polish phase of this beta. I love the haptics on my phone and Apple Watch, and I would love to bring some element of that into the app. Putting it on the list of things to research a bit more :slight_smile:


Yeah, we have an issue open for this. We’re not going to be able to support images in this format on the study screen for now. We’ll probably disable them on the vocab info screen as well so we can keep things uniform and clean on the mobile apps.


long time skritter user, using beta since 3.0.1.
Now: the last two revisions 15 and 16 are too buggy on Android. After about 10-15 reviews, the app crashes…
I always send the report, please fix!


If you haven’t done so already, can you reach out to us via the inapp contact option on the dashboard? This will send us a bit of information about your device so that we can pair it with crash reports and also get a bit more information about your device.


I started using 2.0 web on a surface tablet. When I started using the mobile beta (with only 2.0 web prior experience) I was tripped up repeatedly by one inconsistency: If you change the grading (forgot/so-so/got it/too easy) the mobile version will auto-advance. The web version requires a confirming click to move to the next item. What happens is that I fix the grade and then instantly tap for “next” which instead causes me to skip/fail the next question (depending on the type, doesn’t really affect writing other than revealing the first stroke).


Update: 3.0.18 (300066)
I might update this number depending on the final approved build from Apple and Android, but the features will be the same

We’ve been busy pushing forward on some of the missing screens and features while also continuing to fix bug and issues. The major thing that is new on 3.0.18 is the return of the Lists screens!

Lists allow you to browse from the things you’re studying (sorted by adding and reviewing for now) and also search for new lists that you wanna start studying on your account.

We’re still working on cleaning up some issues with list removal in the app, which is why it is disabled, but we hope to have it working soon. In addition to searching new lists and managing lists you’re already studying, you can now add new lists again on the mobile beta!

I haven’t included all the steps above, but I hope this is enough to give you all an idea of where things are for now. Use the plus button to create a new list and the drawer on the top right for most of your list options. You’ll need to make and name sections on your own for now.

List creation is not 100% finished, but it should be functional enough to allow most users to create quick lists on mobile or at least make edits to existing lists that you own. We’ll continue to improve the list creation experience as we get closer to release, and we’re also going to be working on providing some more filters and search options for published lists. We’re in the process of publishing more interesting lists, and we still need to figure out the best way to feature some of the great lists from the Skritter community. Expect more changes and updates to those sections in the coming weeks.

Apart from general bug fixes and improvements, the next big thing we’ll be working on is including some stats in the app again!

Happy studying!


Hey Jake,

it looks nice! One question/suggestion: could you add green dots or any other kind of mark in the lists for words which have been learned already? I remember something similar was present in the old App, and it would be nice to see this helpful tool again. Especially when adding existing textbook vocabulary, it helps a lot to check which words you already have learned before.


Yeah. We’all be adding that back in the app. I’d like to think that we will clean a bunch of that you during the polish phase that should be happening in August


Hey Jake, when can we expect the next beta update? Looking forward to it!

PS. Experiencing an annoying bug. When learning new words, some characters of a word cannot be learned, because the character is always given. The only option is to skip this character or it will even do automatically by itself (let’s say 天气 as an random example, then I can write the 天, but the 气 is always given and I cannot draw the character, since the character is always displayed in the center. The only thing I can do is to click next. Hope you got my point. This is true to me for many other characters. First, I thought it was a feature, but it didn’t changed over the time, so I assume it’s a bug)


A new update will be coming soon. Sorry, I don’t have an exact time frame for you just yet.

We’re still waiting for an internal build to do some testing on so we can make sure things are working as intended and then we’ll push it out to everyone.

It’s been a good amount of time since our last update, and that’s because we’re working on some big improvements to the overall study experience. We also had to take a bit of time to focus on a fix for Classic iOS, which isn’t playing nice with the iOS 12 beta. We’ve found the issue and are patching that up as well along the way.

The next beta update will hopefully address the issues you’re seeing. The focus, however, is on making Skritter’s SRS system and its behavior a lot easier to understand moving forward!

We’re very excited about some of the changes we’re working on and once I have something in my hands I’ll be sure to post more about what’s coming out, how it’ll work, and how it’ll help improve the Skritter study experience for all.

Sorry that I don’t have a more concrete reply at the moment, but we’re working hard to get a new update out as soon as we can!


Sure, take your time. Sounds nice what you told us! Keep Doing great work! :smiley:

Unfortunately the bug is getting worse, almost every second new word can’t be drawn, since the character is always displayed in the center. So, sadly I cannot use the app for now. Is there any way to release a new beta only addressing this particular issue? At least that way, people can keep studying properly. Besides, you could keep working on the “bigger” features regardless. Would be nice to hear your feedback on that. Thanks for your understanding!

PPS. I’m running the latest iOS 12 beta, if that’s the issue you mentioned earlier


I just reset my progress and am starting anew. All of the writing prompts come up “already done” and when I swipe up to erase them, then it won’t let me draw anything on the blank screen.

Additionally, every “two character” tone prompt skips over the second character and goes to the next word (i.e. I can enter the tone for the first character, it switches to the next character, and then immediately jumps to the next word)

Edit: after resetting my data via the website, I deleted and reinstalled the beta app. So it should be as “fresh” as possible.