Sorting words by success %age?

Hey guys, thanks for your awesome app - I’ve been using it for the last 7 months and don’t know how I would have learned Chinese without it.

I had a quick one, is there a way to see My Words organized by the %age success rate I have at recalling them?

It would be awesome to be able to extract a list of words that I keep forgetting and practice them in my classes or during writing exercises.

Thanks for your help!


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Not really an answer… But this sounds a lot like the past beta feature called ‘leech detection’ which fell by the wayside, I think it was superseded by the development of the iOS and HTML5 apps. But anyway, it’s certainly possible and so maybe they’ll think about bringing it back?

See previous posts:

To take it further, this might actually kind of be related to this suggestion below; leech characters could be shown in the context of words they occur in:


Thanks Catherine, you obviously know your way around this forum!

This feature would definitely get my +1 if there’s any developers reading this - there are some characters I’ve been learning for 7 months that keep popping up and it would be nice to isolate them easily and nail them down once and for all.