Zero reviews per day

So I finished the vocab for HSK6 a while back and I’ve been reviewing since then. I’m wondering what kind of timeframe you’d expect to be able to have zero reviews due per day. Right now I have between 100-200 reviews due each day and ideally I want to get that down as low as possible before learning anything new.

Anyone ever tried this?

A handy tool is the review calculator on the legacy site, at:, on the right hand side where it says “(click to calculate)”. Then, if you click on one of the graph images, it will show you how many items are due each day for the next 8 weeks which you can use to gauge how well your current tactic is working and how much the daily reviews dwindle.

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Yeah, I just started checking that but haven’t been doing so long enough to notice much change. Hopefully a few weeks will show some good results.

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Hi, I just came across this while searching for ideas on how to keep my review queue close to zero while adding new cards.

It would be great if review calculator is added on the app or new website dashboard.