1 Year of Progress - Realistic Goals

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my year of progress (starting with 0 written words known up to where I’m at now at about 900) to help give anyone else who’s curious an idea of what an average person might be able to do in a year. I’ve seen a lot of people saying they can learn 10-20 words a day (which is around 5000 words a year), and honestly I’ve never found this to be true for me at all. There have been some days where, yes, I have added 10-20 words. But I certainly could not do this day over day. So, this is all to say, if you aren’t seeing that high level of progress don’t worry.

I study with Skritter about 45 minutes a day on average (about 30 of it is active recall and 15 minutes is probably looking up example sentences on Pleco). I’ve noticed I have gotten more picky about what it means to “get” a character or word as time has gone on. I’ve often been marking myself yellow if I need to tap for that first stroke. I also found myself using the writing section as a chance to test my English to Chinese knowledge as well (so the writing cards were by far the hardest now).

Anyway, I’d love to hear anyone else’s experience or progress story :slight_smile:


Here are my stats. I use Skritter for about ten minutes a day, just untill I’ve reached the goal of a hundred reviews. Sometimes when I’m on the train or have to wait I can do 300 or more but that only happens once a month or so. Also I don’t do much when I’m on vacation, that’s why there are almost 70 days of no studying.

But I’m very happy, 692 written characters is way above my expectation, and I’m surprized what you can accomplish in just ten minutes a day. And just to be clear, I’ve studied the HSK 1, 2 and 3 lists for the most part of my first year using Skritter.