[2016 Promises and goals] 100 words/day possible? Let's see :p

Hey guys! Is my first post here!
So, I lived in Shanghai for two years and came back to Brazil recently, I passed HSK 4 (185 score lol) so I think my chinese still bad, I think now I know half of the words of HSK IV (around 600) and I know how to write half of them (around ~300, I took computer based test thats why I passed lol). I know, I should know more since I spent two years in China, but u guys know how is Shanghai, very international, sometimes you can spend a week using only english :grin:

Now Im in summer vaccation and I got plenty of time to study, my goal is to know how to WRITE ALL 2500 HSK V Characters until february. I already saw a post of a guy here saying that he almost did it, so Im making this post to make me feel ashame of me if I dont sucesse on it, this will force me to study more I guess :stuck_out_tongue: the beginning for me will be very easy, I started yesterday and im getting 150 words/day because most of them I already know, tomorrown I start HSK 3 and will be more and more hard to get new words.

So, My meta for 2016 is to know all the words of HSK V until february and HSK VI until August. How about your meta guys?

I haven’t really set any goals for 2016, but I want to comment on what’s possible. In my experience, learning new words with familiar characters is quite easy, at least if “learning” means “be able to recognise in a text an understand”. 100 per day would probably be hard to maintain for a long period of time regardless, but is probably possible even though this probably means spending more time on vocabulary than is really healthy. My only suggestion is to stop adding too many words if you start forgetting a lot of what you’ve learnt recently. Setting a high number is good, but not if it drives you to bad study habits.

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My goal is to continue at my current rate of learning ~160 new characters a month, and take the 漢検二級 at the end of 2016.

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Rather than nmumbers of new words, why don’t you set a goal for the amount of time studying on Skritter. Ifound my 30mins per dayhas helped me a lot.

Very possible. here is the chart of the month showing me learning ~100words a day.

I also set my target retention rate to 97%, so i get about a thousand of reviews a day. good luck studying and don’t give up