3.5.3 testing notes (extended edition)

Glad they’re useful! It takes some extra work, but I think it is well worth it, especially at this stage in our development process :slight_smile:

Will certainly explore this with @josh. The main thing for 3.5.3 was getting this into the app to avoid terrible things from happening in the event of a deck delete. Stay tuned!

If you’ve learned a deck to 100% completion you shouldn’t need to rejuvenate them at all. If you’re making lots of changes to an old deck, it’ll check to see if you’ve learned the words in other decks and we’ll give you the option to sync them up. Honestly though, if you’re not studying from an old deck (on the deck level) then I wouldn’t stress about it too much.

This area of the app is outdated and in need of an overhaul. We’ll be doing further optimization in the future that should speed things up a lot!

Me too! I have an issue open for this as a future improvement.

More bulk-action controls will be coming to the decks in the future. Should address most of the points you’re raising here :slight_smile:

I believe we have a feature improvement open for this already. But if not, I’ll sure to open one! We do get this request here and there, and I agree it’ll help improve the study flow!

Holy sh*t indeed! We’re very excited about bringing this out soon!

Thanks for taking the time to type up your thoughts, and for using Skritter. We’re all making this app better and better together!


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@crawfordsam @mrclwlf two things we’re talking about as a team at the moment just to give you some context on where we’re at, and what we’d like to do in the near future.

  1. Generally cleaning up how fast items get posted and updated from the server to the app. This really shouldn’t take as long as it does, and ideally we can grab something like 1000 items in a second, but we’re working in very small batches at the moment so there is lots of room to improve.

Question: would this rejuvenation be as bad for your study flows if it took 1-3 seconds as opposed to 1-3 minutes?!?

  1. A potential for a “auto-rejuvenation” on account level to keep things organized for those who don’t care so much about restudy value (can obviously be toggled on and off, but having it on would be closer to how the older versions of Skritter words when you press the add item button).

Hi @SkritterJake, thanks for the update! In terms of your questions, I would answer a resounding yes to both! If this was a brief process it wouldn’t be so bad, like @crawfordsam, my issue was with keeping my phone awake and being “active” while just waiting for things to load. This was compounded by not knowing how far along the total process for the deck I was at, so unless I knew exactly how many chapters were included, I had no idea how long was left.

Personally, I would find it very convenient to have an auto-rejuvenate feature on the account level. Like something that would work on login, and again when adding new decks. Or any version thereof, especially that I could activate and forget about.

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Got it. Thanks for the details!

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Hmmm… TestFlight gives me version 3.5.2 as the latest version, then when I open it it gives me a notice that takes me to the App Store to update again there.

Is the AppStore version 3.5.3? And if I update there, will I have the beta or standard app?

App Store version is 3.5.3 and contains a fix for logged out guest users, which is why it went directly to production.

You don’t need to update it if you don’t mind the update notice and want to send screenshots via beta. You can also just attached a screenshot to any email you send in-app via the Help Screen. Of course, isn’t something that can be sent from any screen like it can be in TestFlight

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