A Japanese Pitch Accent Font

I created a Japanese pitch accent font for words and wanted to share. Be sure to click on the name of the font “Kana Word Pitch” to read the description on how to use it and some of its issues.

I recommend using the woff2 version of the font as it has a smaller file size. It also has fewer font hardware acceleration issues. Really you should just turn off hardware acceleration if you use it on Chrome for Windows.

I wanted to create a pitch accent font for sentences as well. It would be a simple matter to add diacritic marks above the kana. But it is way more complicated to do what I want to do. I wanted to connect them with lines. It should look something like the japanese へ and cover entire sentences. But I also want the へ to be able wrap to the next line for long sentences. This brings about many issues that I am unsure if I will be able to solve. I may just go with using diacritic marks above the kana. But for now I am just sharing the kana for word pitch since I still haven’t figured out kana for sentence pitch.

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I’m still hoping one day we can get something like your font set up in Skritter!

Thanks I hope so too. At least for words I don’t imagine it would be too difficult. So far it has had over 180 downloads (I’m fairly pleased about that) but it looks like only two people have clicked on the link I left. I’m wondering if that’s right. Such a big difference in numbers seems a bit odd.

Hmm, maybe people are finding it on the site you uploaded it to? Hopefully no one is using this for a paid thing without your permission-- you’re giving this away for free!