A nice, and very small writing tablet

I already had a larger Wacom tablet somewhere in my drawer that I once bought for digital drawings. My problem with this small furniture in my living room was always that I either had enough space for the keyboard or for the tablet in front of my PC screen, but not for both. So, the graphics tablet rests almost all the time in the drawer. Recently I researched a little bit to find a smaller tablet solution and found one called Huion H420 that is not much larger than a postcard (17,7 cm x 11,5 cm). They call it a “USB signature tablet”. And my first impression is that it seems to be very good for Skritter and other applications, such as the handwriting recognition in OneNote. It looks much better than I expected for this price, it seems to be robust and the material feels ok, and I guess I will be able to use it for a long time if the manufacturer keeps the drivers up to date. Windows 8.1 support is good - it works with Skritter out of the box. Manufacturer also provides Mac OS drivers which I didn’t try. You can get it for around 20 - 30 Euro, which seems to be a really good price and makes it a real alternative for a higher priced Wacom tablet - especially for our purpose here.

I include this photo from the manufacturer’s website: