Access Problem in Russia

I’m from Russia and I ran into the problem of getting an access to the app (it dosn’s work either on the website, or on the mobile phone).
I tried to use different VPN apps - once it worked, but then it suddenly stopped working at all.
Although I changed a VPN app, it still doesn’t work.
I wonder if other russian users managed to solve this problem.
If yes, could you please help me?

Sorry you’re experiencing issues from Russia. I hope someone can help you out :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for support!
I hope too :pleading_face:

Hey @xiaosasha we’re still looking into the best ways of fixing this issue, but we do have a bit more concrete information now. It does appear that our server IP address is being blocked in Russia for some reason.

We are looking at ways of getting around this and will certainly update when we can.

Thank you for your information.
That’s a pity((
I hope there are some ways of getting around it :pray:

Just in case is blocked in Russia, here’s a screenshot:

probably one of those addresses that got blocked during their failed attempt to ban Telegram messenger