Add Confirmation to Exiting Review Sessions

Hey devs!

So I use Skritter on Android. The newer versions have gestures by default – including swiping from the left edge of the screen to go back. It’s become a significant frustration with Skritter, because when I’m going through my review, on certain characters you’ll obviously need to swipe from left to right towards the left edge of the screen. This will instantly kick me out of the review session and bring me to the “review report”. Super annoying.

I was able to somewhat reduce this by setting the sensitivity on my gestures all the way low, but this is still happening to me quite often.

This would be solved by adding a “Are you sure you want to exit the review session?” confirmation prompt when navigating back out of the review session. This confirmation is already in place during the learning sessions, so it makes sense to include it in the review sessions too. This way when I accidentally swipe too close to the screen during reviews, I can at least hit “no” and resume the session. It’s a much better UX experience than being kicked out of the review session and then having to go back in.

Would be a much appreciated addition!


Thanks for the heads up! The first thing I’d like to do is look into if there is a way for me to override this system-level swipe gesture just for Skritter as it would still be annoying to have to constantly dismiss a popup confirmation dialog. We actually used to have a confirmation dialog on review and can’t recall why it was removed but we’ll certainly consider bringing it back to prevent accidental activity session exists.

Thanks @josh ! Yeah, overriding the gesture would work fine too, I just figured that’s A. more difficult to implement and B. could cause other UX issues (i.e. still then need an alternative way to back out when you actually want to). With re-adding the confirmation dialog, it’s at least a consistent UX between the learning and the review modes – it’s intuitive both should act the same. Definitely agree it would still be annoying to dismiss the confirmation dialog but it’s still much less annoying than getting knocked out of the session altogether, so it’s an improvement.

Hopefully it’s straightforward enough to address and let me know if any further feedback is desired!