Add example sentences without reading and defenition?

Its great that we can add example sentences, but is there some way to add them without having to fill in reading and definition? It’s time consuming enough on the computer and its many times worse on the phone.

I mean it is of course better to have reading and definition, especially for people who is just starting out but personally I just want it to remember how certain words are used in a sentence. I already know the meaning and the reading of the sentence, so it would be awesome if we could be allowed to leave reading and definition blank.

edit And another thing I just noticed. I am using chrome and for some reason when I have edited a word in a list on the webpage, it jumps back up to the top, meaning you have to scroll back down and find the next word every time. Its not a huge problem but it gets old pretty fast :slight_smile:

There’s not a way to add an example sentence with a missing definition or reading, sorry about that. I’ve noted this as a feature request though!

I can see how that gets annoying especially if you’re making lots of edits. It looks like we have a similar issue already created!

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Can I ask you something else? Is it possible to add complete sentences instead of words? I googled it and found some old forum post from 2010 that stated that it was perfectly possible, all you had to do was type in the sentence where you usually add words in your list, but I’ve run into some problems while doing this.

First I tried to add this sentence: “哎,总而言之,都是利用网路伤害别人呀!这就叫网路霸凌.”

Skritter only added 哎 and not the full sentence so I guess you cant add sentences with comas, exclamation marks etc but the weird thing is that with other sentences it works…kinda…

I tried to add the sentence “天气又坏,吃的又糟。总而言之,这次假日很扫兴。” instead. Now I get the yellow “add entry” thingy instead, so I go to add entry and type in the defenition and the pinyin and press ok. Now get a “Error: Conflicts with existing vocab.” message instead. But the vocab doesnt excist tho because if it did, I would not have gotten the “not found, add entry” yellow button when I typed it in…

This should be possible on the web version though it might have caused an error due to punctuation. Would you be able to give it another go without using punctuation? You could also try the legacy site at

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Skritter legacy for the win! It seems to work if I remove the punctuation. However, I tapped into my big brains and I will simply replace the comas with 丶since it counts as a character :slight_smile: Although, I wish that we could have some way to tell skritter to just ignore all punctuations.

How come skritter legacy has the “add sentence” option and the “new” skritter doesn’t? Also, it has a much better way of adding new words and editing lists!

Feels like we are moving in the wrong direction here.

edit After trying to add a sentence and studying it I found that its not really gonna work tho because the sentence wont fit the canvas, all you see are the empty _ _ _ _ _ and you have to scroll down to see the pinyin and definition. Still it would be awesome if it did work. Studying words in a context is so much better than just studying them alone.

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Skritter legacy (Web 1.0) is (was) better in soooo many ways. For inputting the example sentences you just had to type or paste the sentence into the first box. The software was intelligent enough to provide the pinyin for you later when you “segmented” the sentence. You didn’t have to go somewhere else to find a pinyin converter or do an extra cut and paste step. You just added your own translation and were done.

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Yeah, exactly! Its so much better. They should really make this the default way of adding new vocabulary.

I have both legacy and Beta on my phone and use both every day.

I go first to legacy and add all my new vocabulary there, especially as I am able to add new words not yet in Skritter’s database, which I believe is still not possible on the new Skritter.

Then I open up the Beta app and settle into review mode for previously learned words first, then when done go to learn mode and prep words for the following day’s review.

I really wish I could do all that on the new app, but legacy still has features that the new version still hasn’t worked out. Including the much preferable progress charts on the legacy website. I find the new website unhelpful.

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