Add more characters

Is there a way I can ramp up the amount of new characters are added? I feel like I’m getting most of them correct and they just keep looping. How is it that you get through all your reviews for the day without seeing anything new? Is it supposed to be like this?


I’ve tested your account on both 2.0 and 1.0 and it appears to be automatically adding words successfully. You can hit the (+) icon a the top of the study screen at any time to manually add a new word as well. If you’re using 2.0 and still don’t notice new words being added, I recommend clearing the browser’s cache/cookies and giving it another go.

Actually, I’ve mostly been using the iOS app, does it make a difference?

Ah, hrm, in that case I recommend clearing the local data on the app:

It could also possibly be that you’re logged in as another account, for instance the trial account by default on the app if not logging in as an existing account, (which would expire after a week), which could explain why new words aren’t adding. If the data seems to match otherwise, that’s likely not the case however. Here’s a link to a guide on changing users:

Ah, you know what, I think that + button is the answer to my problem here. Should have realized that earlier. Thanks.