Adding a Japanese Audio from

I have been studying RTK (Remembering the Kanji) so I’m not to aware of the recently added capabilities Skritter has for audio. Do you have full spoken sentences? Does it have to be with text?

I noticed has free audio lessons and more content than any other pure audio program that I am aware of. I haven’t used the program yet but I was thinking it might be good if it could be used with Skritter’s current spaced repetition system. What do you think?

What initially caught my attention was it’s approach to teaching grammar. It is one of the most difficult things for me to get comfortable with when using Japanese. I know it probably won’t happen but it would be great if in the future Skritter could somehow group the sentences based on grammar. Then have the sentences in the groups served to the user using spaced repetition based off grammar.

There are some full spoken sentences recorded, but this depends on if they were added as example sentences, or rather just sentences/phrases to study-- example sentences don’t have audio available. All the words we record are based on how often they’ve been studied without audio being available, so the highest priority entries get recorded first. I’m sure that the audio recordings on the site you posted are their sole property and we wouldn’t be able to incorporate those, but again when a word/phrase is studied a lot with no audio, we shall record it. :smile:

It sounds like a good idea for grouping sentences together based on grammar would be to compile a list that has sections with sentences which use the same/similar grammar. That would be great!