Adding a 漢検 list?

I’m not sure what the process is to get books imported into Skritter, but mark me down as being interested in some 漢検 lists. There are plenty of books (漢字検定 category on, though I have no idea which is the best.

It’d probably be a monumental task to get one of these lists in Skritter, since there are all sort of types of questions (picking the most appropriate kanji, synonyms/antonyms, identifying 旧字体, identifying 当て字, etc., etc.) which I think are probably not supported… but most importantly Skritter does supports writing characters, which makes it the most plausible SRS to use for studying for the 漢検 as far as I can tell.

Are there any plans on eventually getting some support for 漢検?

You could create a list easily if you have a book on hand, though it wouldn’t be able to support special quizzes for 旧字体 or 当て字 etc-- it’s limited to a prompt with a word/sentence, reading, and definition. If you treat them as word entries though it should work well!