Adding images with sentences and swiping

I must say I like the new swipe right to see sentences feature. I also am aware that Skritter has added images to a a few of of it’s items. That has got me considering the ways the new swipe right has changed things for Skritter users and how it might continue to be improved.

Images tend to take up space. I was thinking it might be good to replace the writing area with an image area when looking at the sentences. I was also thinking that you could add an option to start on the sentence image screen when available then the user could just swipe left (or tap the image) to go to the writing area. I think that would be better than swiping right to see the sentence and image then left to write. This would give space for images but not slow the learning process very much. A nice trade off IMHO.

Well that’s my idea what do you think?

We’ll consider this, it’s an interesting idea!

I don’t have any empirical evidence to back this up, nor any research, but it seems intuitive that images for mnemonics or as illustrations would help retention. I like how Rosetta Stone has a rich library of high quality images, and how Memrise lets you add your own uploaded images to your mnemonics.