Adding in Traditional characters a few at a time?

Some day (and oh how distant that day seems at the moment) I hope to set about systematically tackling the Traditional versions of Chinese hanzi. For now, though, I’m focused on Simplified.

What I’m hoping to do is just feed a few Traditional hanzi here and there into My Words … ones that I see often where I work, ones that I see often on signs while out and about, etc. Something like a small handful every few weeks or so.

I’m just looking for some feedback re: the technical feasibility of doing this. Here’s what I intend to do:
(1) Change study settings from “Simplified” to “Traditional,” or “Both” (it wouldn’t matter with the following steps?)
(2) Create a list of the words for which I intend to learn the Trad forms.
(3) Choose to “Study a Single Vocab List,” thus forcing these new Trad-form words into My Words.
(4) In order to prevent further flooding of My Words with Trad forms, once that List has all been added, I go back to study settings, and change character style to “Simplified and Previously Added Traditional”

Has anyone used this as a method to dabble in Traditional Forms?

If not, does anyone envision a technical problem occurring, should I choose to do this?

thanks all

When I studied traditional characters I just turned study settings to both and got flooded with a lot of near duplicates (说话 versus 說話).

This wasn’t too efficient, I think your suggestion would make a lot more sense and I think it should work without having tried it. That said, it should be pretty quick for you to try it and know for sure.

If I were tackling traditional forms again, I’d look at these lists - particularly the first one: