Adding new words from android do not synchronize

When i hit the plus button to add new words to study nothing happens and the words are not added in my list. When i check the web app version and legacy the words are there. To get the new words i have to synchronize the app which can take a while.

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Start to get annoyed by this.

Thanks for the heads up! We’re looking into this and will make sure this is working correctly in the next update. Sorry for the annoyance in the meantime.

do u.know when this will be fixed. it gets very annoying when i try do add words to study when commuting to work. i have to.logout and.login again to sync and it takes time.

Happening here, too. Needing to constantly reinitialize Skritter is getting a bit old.

We’re gearing up to push the update, sorry again for the frustration everyone!

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