Adding pictures

Is there a way to add/attach a picture to a word?

I am studying vegetables, and many Chinese vegetables are not at all familiar to me.

I can read the character, and give it’s meaning, but I have no idea what it looks like. If we/I could attach a picture, it would make things a lot easier.

I would also like to be able to add pictures to a few characters for example, the sickness radical 疒, in its earlier form really looked like a sick person in bed turned sideways. If I could paste that image, I think it would help fix it in memory. Here’s the image:

You can use the [img] tag inside of your definition to include a link to a picture, like this

teaspoon [img][/img]

It looks like it’s not hooked up to 2.0 yet, however it will show the graphic inside definitions when studying on legacy (

多谢。 thank you so much for this information… I can’t imagine learning Chinese before skitter.

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Jeremy, I did try to add that, but my picture is on my laptop not from a site on the internet. Is there a way to upload a picture from my own files using the [img] command

It would need to be a web address for it to work-- you could use something like dropbox or photobucket to upload the images to and then grab the weblink.