Adding Skitter to the Huawei app store

Due to the recent news involving the separation of Google and Huawei as well as, I’m sure, many users of skitter being in China using Huawei devices, myself being one, would it be possible for the developers to also put skitter on the Huawei app gallery?

Admittedly I don’t know much about the process or if it’s possible or not but incase the ban does last past the negotiation period I’d still like to be able to get updates for the app.

If there’s any news on this front I’d be happy to hear about it thanks

It’s likely that Skritter wouldn’t be added to the Huawei app gallery, sorry about this. You can install the .apk directly though, at:

Subscribing through the app won’t work unfortunately, however you can subscribe through the website directly at: (after logging in as your account).