Adding specific characters / words to my study list

Hey there. I love Skritter, but the one thing I’ve been wanting to do is add a specific character to the list of words I study. Is that possible?

Of course!

If you aren’t the owner of the list, you would first need to create a copy of it so you would be able to edit it, by using the “Copy” link inside of the list’s page. To add a word, you can click on the list’s name (from either the Dashboard or Lists screen), and then navigate inside of one of the list sections, and press the “Edit” button up top.

You can also be studying multiple lists simultaneously.

Rather than add new characters to an existing list, I just create a new list and call it a “supplement”, and then add all the new words I want to that supplement list.

You can even break your supplement list up in the individual chapters to correlate with the book/resource you’re studying.


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