Adding support for traditional/calligraphic stroke order?

Hi Skritter team/Skritterers,

I’m wondering if it would be possible to add support for traditional stroke order — and with traditional I do not mean traditional as opposed to simplified characters, but rather the traditional/calligraphic stroke order that can be traced from the works of the best calligraphers. This stroke order differs from all the current standards, i.e., the mainland China standard for traditional characters, the Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japanese and Korean standards.

For example,
必 is written: 丿, 乚, middle/top 丶, left 丶, right 丶
成 starts with 丿 not 一
𠂇 has different stroke order (and length of the strokes) in 右 and 有 etc. (starts with 丿) vs. 左 (starts with 一), since they are originally different components (a right hand 又 vs. a left hand)
耳 is written 一 丨 一 一 / 丨 (i.e., with the right vertical last)

上 starts with short 一 (often upwards tilting/bending) not 丨

之 is written with four strokes, not three, in 楷书
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