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I’m wondering - is there some type of integration with Pleco that will allow me to efficiently add words that I look up in Pleco to a Skritter list? Or, alternatively, can anyone suggest any tricks to make the process more efficient?

Currently I have to do the following process for each word:

  • Look up the word in Pleco
  • Tap the character to select
  • Tap the ‘notepad’ icon at top to copy to clipboard
  • Switch to Skritter and go into my list (four taps, from study screen)
  • Add word to list

This is all quite time-consuming. Is there an easier way?



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Skritter does have a way to add words automatically via the legacy website. The zhongwen browser addon and the android dictionary hanping both use it. With Hanping the process is as follows.

  • Look up the Word
  • Tap the share button
  • Select Skritter
  • Login (if you have your password saved in chrome, it should get auto-filled)
  • word gets added to a list called hanping after waiting 5 seconds. You can change the list too, if you want to.

You could ask the developers of Pleco to add a button for sharing the word to skritter, but seeing as the current system is still using the legacy website, which will probably be shut down not all too far down the road, I guess they would rather wait until the feature is available on the 2.0 website before putting any effort in supporting sharing words to skritter.

It still kind of is a hastle to add words this way, because it does still take like 10 seconds per word, but we can hope that the current system gets improved upon when it gets ported to the 2.0 site.

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