Adding words you already know?

I started using the wonderful skritter app around the intermediate stage of my Chinese learning. So all of HSK 1 and 2 and most of HSK 3 are not in my list of words on Skritter, they are just in my brain.

I would like to have those words in rotation, so that I can take advantage of Skirttier’s spaced repetition so that they do stay in my memory.

Is there any way to add list of words without “learning” them? I don’t want to have to prove that I know
我. Like could I add them and mark them known and then they show up randomly like the words I have been studying?

I hope that makes sense!


First off, so glad that you found Skritter! You can totally add the HSK 1-3 words into your Skritter queue. We don’t have a great way to “sprinkle” reviews into the mix right now, so my only suggestion would be to add a batch of them every day, and then take advantage of the “easy” grading option to move them further into the review queue than other things you might be studying.

If you’re on the website, you can do this by using the + button and adding a batch of items at a time from the early HSK decks. If you’re on the mobile Skritter: Write Chinese app, I would use the “mark as learned” button on individual sections of the HSK decks here and there over a few weeks.

This will at least add a little extra spacing to the SRS and keep your study queue manageable without crazy spikes of due cards all at once in the future.

Hope that helps answer your question. Feel free to email us at if there is anything else we can do to help.

And once again, welcome to the Skritter community! Look forward to seeing your study progress.