Adjustable write area for iPads

There was a discussion long time back about resizable write areas. With a pen on an iPad Pro this is a huge area and despite the recognition when you write smaller characters now it would still be helpful to resize the square with the auxiliary lines to actual writing size. Especially if sth does not get recognized the suggestion happens in the large size and sometimes you have to write there, to get the stroke recognized tearing apart the character.

I think only an iPad Mini would be suitable right now to use with a pen…

Thx for the consideration,


Thanks for the feedback! We don’t have any specific plans of allowing for custom resizing of the canvas area but we do recognize that sizing on larger tablets might need some tweaking. We’ve recently started working with a designer and this is likely one of the issues that will get addressed.


I realize this thread is a bit old but are there plans to make the app more iPad friendly? If I’m using my iPad in landscape mode and open Skritter it glitches a bit and always forces portrait mode. I think landscape mode would be a nice feature.

@TimmyB yes, we do plan on supporting landscape mode on tablets. We don’t yet have an exact timeline for when this will happen though but it’s definitely on our radar.