Adjusting definitions and creating mnemonics in learn mode

In OG Skritter, new words and characters are introduced while studying by “adding,” and as soon as they appear one is able to access both the definition line and the mnemonics line to make changes or additions.

This is part of my routine when studying new words. I access the info, then go to Pleco, then study definitions and sample sentences, and go back to Skritter to copy and paste any additions or modifications to the Skritter definition as needed.

This is especially important for advanced users who encounter many synonyms and need to distinguish nuance and context when making modifications to definitions.

This is also the point at which I create my mnemonic: when I first encounter the word. My first impression is key to making a vivid mnemonic, so I want to take care of this right away.

In the new app, I need to first “learn” the word before I can add it to review, correct? But there is no way to modify the definition or the mnemonic in “learn” mode.

Surely this is where access to both definition and mnemonics lines is most needed.

Do we have to wait until we encounter the word again in review mode?

Are you studying Chinese? I’m asking because I can edit those things in learn mode while studying Japanese.

Yes, thank you. I just checked the new app again and found that this is possible. I somehow didn’t see the “pencil” edit button the first time.

However, one is only able to edit the mnemonic for the entire word, not the characters within. It used to be in OG that during the writing portion of study mode, one could edit mnemonics for individual characters.

I have rarely found mnemonics for entire words to be useful, but those for individual characters are essential and I hope this ability will be brought soon to the new app as well, at least during the writing mode of “learn” and “review”.

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