Advanced Chinese Language Class (in China - August)

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a Chinese language class to brush up my Chinese skills (and possibly get ready for the HSK 6 exam).

I have been studying Chinese for more than 4 years (two years ago I passed HSK 5) and in total I lived for two years in Shanghai.
Unfortunately I left China in 2013 and now my Chinese (esp. speaking and writing) is fairy rusty .

From August 3 to August 22 I have some time off and it’d be ideal to find an advanced language class in china, for a reasonable price (I’m still a student), for this reason I’m kinda reluctant to look for university in Shanghai or Beijing. Do you have any advise?
I don’t have any problem to travel within China!

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!!

How about wu Han university? It’s top rated and decently priced, I think the hardest problem will just be to only study for 2 weeks. You can also Google cucas it will give you lots of I for for this :smile: