All-time progress stats seem inaccurate

Today I was looking at the “Progress” tab of the app to check how many words I’ve learned; I regularly do this as a way to motivate myself. I realized the “words learned” stat is not what I would expect. I’ve completed the HSK 1-4 decks and am ~950 words into HSK 5. By my tally, that’s about 2150 words. However, “Words learned” is listed as a mere 1908. How is that stat calculated? I realize there are some words I haven’t mastered yet, but I only have about 150-200 cards to review per day; does that really mean 250 words are being counted as not “learned”? “Characters learned” stat also seems suspiciously a bit low.

ETA this is on build 300252.

1908 is the word/sentence definitions that are counted as learned, however your word writings stat is at 1931 (with 2030 added). Your character writings learned stat is 1343 (with 1488 added). This doesn’t seem to be too far off from what I would expect viewing someone’s stats! You can view a total breakdown over at: and then by clicking the “Totals” button in the upper right hand corner.