Android app Decomps

I like using the android app, as i find the site doesn’t run on my phone. Not sure why. but anyhow the biggest problem i find is that the app only shows the decomposition (radicals) of single characters. But multicharater words. ie. 睡覺 will only show the meaning of each character and not any of the components. I know that i can set it to automatically add the characters or multi character words individually ie +睡覺 auto + 睡 + 覺. but as you can see in this example that can create confusion as there is jiao and jue. not to mention the time spend learning and writing it doubles.

anyhow… please try to add the decomps to all the current shown characters, as it does on the site.


This will be added to the app when the current Android code gets replaced with the latest html5 updates. Sorry about it not being yet available in the meantime!

I found a work around for now. the Pleco button. It connects quite smoothly and Pleco has the “character” tabs.