Android app not adding words

When using the Android app (version 3.3.5 300317), no new words are being added.
On the website, I have set a “auto add daily target”, I haven’t reached that target yet, I have a list that should be used for adding new words. I studied all cards that are due repeatedly, now the queue has 0 cards. I also don’t see a button to add words manually in the app. Also logging out and in again, and refreshing all data didn’t help.

Can new words only be added via the website, or am I missing something?

Hi Leifa! Here’s a link to a guide on the new mobile app:

Word adding works by triggering the Learn mode from inside of a deck directly (versus on the review screen, which is only reviews)

Hi Jeremy, thank you, that’s what I was missing!

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One more questions about this: Now that I add words via the Learn mode, they don’t seem to be added on the website. From some lists I have added all the words via the app, but on the website the progress bar of these lists is still not full. Why is that?

The new mobile app is using a new API endpoint, which allows you to study any item from any deck section in any order. It is a super cool feature and something that has been requested for a while now. Unfortunately, this means that the website will not show the deck-level progress automatically at the moment. We know what needs to be done to fix the issue, but it isn’t an easy one line fix and requires some server-side changes on the website client.

Honestly, it is a cosmetic issue. The new items have been added, and overall study progress is recorded, which is what you’re seeing, however, the decklist level stats are going to appear a little off until we can make some changes to how the website processes this information.

There is a “hack” you can do, which will update things on the website if you’re interested, but I would only recommend doing it on decks you’ve completed to 100%, or on decks that you don’t mind automatically adding a few items to your review queue from.

  1. Go to a deck you’ve completed (or made progress on) on and press the “Study Now” button
  2. After the deck loads up click the plus button to add items.
  3. The server will search the deck for new items to add, and eventually either fail or add a brand-new item

At this point, the deck progress should be updated to match the new mobile app. Please let us know if you have any more questions and we’ll be happy to help!

I see, thank you for the reply!

Sorry it isn’t working better yet. It is a source of confusion, and we can’t wait to fix it up soon!