Android beta 2.35 repetition & "All Words" unusability

Android beta v2.35 is driving me nuts for nearly two weeks. It is seemingly stuck at a certain point of time (2/3 through HSK1 list) even though I’ve moved on for well over a week. The app is NOT adding more words on its own, it just keeps showing the older list (I have MANY lists in a queue) and repeating words (I’ve seen and correctly written some dozens of times in the last week!).

To see new words, I need to manually add HSK2 words in batches after specifically selecting to study HSK2. But then those new words only work briefly for that current session. If I returned to the Skritter after some time, I would never see the new (HSK2) words – I’d just start from the same few words that annoyed me 2 weeks ago. But then if I manually add HSK2 words AGAIN (this time another batch of 11 or 23 etc) I would start reviewing yet ANOTHER batch of words (including the previous) – but only for that one session. My next use of Skritter would revert back to the annoying words I always see (nearly 2 wks ago) and can do with ease.

So about the only way I can reach new-ish words is to forcefully add new words. It’s like the app has NO MEMORY – just amnesia for 1.5 weeks or more…

This is the type of annoying functionality that I’d have hoped would not even reach a beta test. After days of anger, I’m leaving the Beta until I know the app will not make me angry with repetition & lack of new learning.

Separately, I am puzzled why you would have nice features like Words->“All Words” and insist on just showing me a list of 11 words and then prompting me to “Load More” (for another 10 or 11!). Isn’t that idiotic? What if I had skills and knew 1,500 words? I could push that silly button 150 times to cycle through the words. Since I work with databases for a living I’m pretty sure you guys could easily be querying these words 100 or more at a time (and even querying everything and storing a local copy for some TTL). Please make the word list (and ban list & star list) feature usable!

Relatedly, I don’t understand your “queue” of lists screen.
Why is it not the easiest task for users to reorder lists there? This could be done via drag & drop of the rows or simply via typing an order number which reorders that list to that rank. The interface for the queue of lists is just rigid and confusing (on both app & web) – it should be simple to reorder and choose from which list the next words will be added.


Hi Rory!

We’ve retransferred your study data just to make sure everything is lined up, however it sounds like you probably do want to use the non beta version until the next (major) update comes out which addresses a lot of issues.

I see there are about 700 words due for review on your account-- the system would stop adding words from your lists while the items to review number is high, however if you did navigate into a single list to study just words from there, you would be able to add more words manually and see them soon (depending on how many items are due from the list you are single studying), which might explain the behavior of how you’ve been using the HSK2 list to add more words. Were the words that were annoying you two weeks ago that are popping up now marked as incorrect? (If you happen to remember any of them, would you be able to let me know what they are? I’d like to take a look and the scheduling info to see if I can spot what might be going on and why they are resurfacing when you feel they shoudl’t!)

Some features haven’t made it into the beta yet, or are still waiting on improvement. List / queue management is a big one and we hear you!

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks a bunch for your prompt reply.
That’s weird that 700 words are due for review if I only have about 200 words in total (HSK1 is <200, I NEVER see HSK2 words though I’ve been trying to force them in).

Some words that I have seen & done countless times in recent weeks (and are almost always one of the first 5 words I see when re-starting Skritter are):
漂亮 - piaoliang (pretty)
喜欢 - xihuan (to like)
电视 - dianshi (tv)

At this moment, I just started Skritter and surprisingly it is asking for definitions for several HSK2 words. So maybe on your end you somehow “unstuck” my account? Or maybe by me using the web (non-Android) version tonight that modified something – since I hear web is v2.39 instead of v2.35…

I’ll give this current round a try and hope it stays with HSK2 words and doesn’t get re-stuck in a loop reviewing the old. If not, I’ll go back to non-beta and EAGERLY await your next beta with the looping fixes.

Thanks again for your assistance & attention!

Hmm, 700 due items might make sense with roughly 200 words added, since each word can have up to four parts due (writing, reading, definition, and tone).

I checked on the stats for the words, and 漂亮 is now scheduled out to review in 4 days, however the other words had lower success rate and are scheduled within a day or so. It looks like everything is lining up on this end. Do things seem to be working on the beta now?