Android Beta display problem

I have just worked out that I am missing the 3 bars next to the word dashboard. This means I can’t access the settings etc.

It is like the screen is too small to display the 3 bars. I have tried swiping left and right but it doesn’t make any difference. I can’t view it in landscape (unsupported?) thought that might help but it doesn’t work.

I am running Android 5.1 on a hannspree tablet, running Skritter beta 2.04. This seems to the most up to date (no newer in play store)

Hope you can help.
Thank you

Would you be able to send a screenshot of the view on your device so we could take a closer look? Also, which model of the hannspree tablet are you using?

I am using a Hannspree HSG1341 running android 5.1. Below is a screenshot and on the left of the word Dash board should be the 3 bars that give you access to the menus. I came across this problem because I was going to configure skritter in preparation for my review. Thanks for your help.

Is this of any help? I just wondered if you understand the problem. Thanks for your continued efforts.

Yes, thanks for the screenshot. I was able to reproduce this issue on devices with larger screen size (ie 10.1"). We will be releasing a patch for this issue soon.

Oh good, glad its not just me. I will wait for the fix. will it be as an update in the playstore? I have just started my 2 months subscription, is there anyway to suspend or extend it until this is fixed.
Thanks again.

Hello, just updated and the problem has been solved, Thank you. Is there a landscape mode available?


I’d also like a landscape mode for the app as I also have a 10.1 tablet. Landscape mode works well with the html5 website on the tablet though…


Landscape mode is planned! :smiley:

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