Android how to fix mnemonics

Hello there!

Have been using Skritter for a few years now,just switched to Android but I think there is a problem with the app.
Maybe I am doing something wrong but there has always been a mnemonic for each character and it is really useful,on the Android version the mnemonic field is there but simply missing.

If it is a problem with the app any ETA about when it will get fixed?


Right now the android app only shows mnemonics you have made and not the shared ones others have made.

I see,what a pity.


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It would be good if this could be implemented. When I come to a new character I get a bit stuck as to how to remember it. On the website version of Skritter being able to browse through existing mnemonics really helps to get you started with new characters.

Also, when I used to use the iOS version, you could tap on characters within the Info section to get a further breakdown of them, which was really good.