Android: I reset my account, how do I start studying?

So because I wanted to get some better control of exactly what I am studying, I reset everything and added the one list I wanted to study to my que.

Has the app changed how skritter works now? When I’m on the “home” tab, due cards and continuous are both greyed out, how do I start the “normal” skrittering where I start studying and skritter keeps adding words automatically?

You won’t like the answer, but succinctly: you don’t.

Skritter changed. The new mobile app follows a different paradigm than the old Skritter app (or website).

Skritter does not automatically add words. You don’t mark lists as “being studied”.

Instead, Skritter teaches you words by walking through a lesson for each new word you manually choose to add. You can learn from any list, any time, in any order.

After you say you want to learn a word, you’ll have the option to say it’s already learned, and Skritter will not take you through the teaching cycle, but will add it directly to your SRS queue.

So, you will need to go into your list, and “learn” words. Currently that is a “one-by-one” process. And my experience is if you try to do it too fast, the Skritter database has problems keeping up and doesn’t really add the words (you come back into Skritter later and find words you marked as learned as not marked that way).

This is pretty disheartening. I started using skritter many years ago because it kind of was this “artificial teacher” that added words automatically when you were ready to learn more. All you had to do was simply to start it up and then go.

Manually having to add words seems like a huge step in the wrong direction. It should be an option for those who likes to be in 100% control of what they study but they should force it on everyone.

Then having to do it one-by-one as well is an extremely bad decision. I study a list with the 3000 most common characters and I already know around 2.5k of those characters. So if I understand what you are saying correctly then it means that I would have to sit and mark characters one-by-one from that huge list then also keep track of when Im ready to add more?

If that is true then I dont see any reason to keep using skritter anymore. I may as well just use anki or something with a one-time-fee like pleco instead.

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If that is true then I dont see any reason to keep using skritter anymore. I may as well just use anki or something with a one-time-fee like pleco instead.

Fortunately, it’s not true! You don’t have to mark words as learnt one by one, that would hugely time-consuming for anyone who actually just wants to add words that they have learnt from elsewhere, or who want to skip the learning process for other reasons. If you go to a deck or a deck section, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, then choose “mark all complete”, it will mark all those words as learnt.

It is true that there is no way to automatically add words while studying, though. This change was done for a variety of reasons, but in general, it didn’t work very well for most users and created lots of problems, some technical and some pedagogical (such as people adding way too many words; the mechanic for adding words was nowhere near the magic some people thought is was).

I dont have that tho. I go into decks, then into the deck I want to mark as learned, click on the 3 dots then I have copy, hide, rejuvenate, sync, reset, delete.

Rejuvenate seems to be the closest to what you mean but it only marks studied words as learned, tried clicking it and 0 words got added.

Also, if I enter learning mode and click “mark as learned” for a single card, I get a pop up notice saying that “new cards will still be added to review based on your study settings.”…which should mean that that cards still automatically gets added…at least thats how I understand it…?

@SkritterOlle I also don’t have that option…iPadOS running production 300451.

I’d love to be proven wrong, but in neither production nor tested betas have I ever seen an option to bulk-mark items as learned.

[perhaps that indicates new things coming up in the development front? :slight_smile: ]

Screenshots for both list and list section

I’ve tested this out in 300451, however once you’re inside of a deck or deck section and after tapping the ellipsis icon, there’s an option for “Mark all complete” which is in between the “Reset” and “Delete” options. I see in your screenshot that it’s not showing up however. Does reinstalling the app help? I’m not sure why it’s not showing up!

When you bypass the learning mode, words will get added to your review queue (due items) however there’s not an automatic way to add words while studying, it would need to be done from the learn mode inside of a deck. We have talked about potentially implementing an automatic word adding method in the future, though.

@Jeremy I completely deleted the app from my iPad (and iOS reminded me it would delete my data and I hit the OK button). Went to the AppStore and re-downloaded, logged in, waited for all the syncing, and no change…no menu option for marking all complete. It’s not present.

I rejuvenated the deck afterwards, thinking that might impact things, but still no change in the menu options.

Edit: out of curiosity, I checked on my iPhone, and it is also not showing those additional menu options (pictures after the iPad images)

@Jeremy Even this image from the “new features” in the app doesn’t show a “mark all completed” option. (Looking closely at the pane in the middle of the attached image that highlights the rejuvenation selection)

I’m using version 300451 on android and I don’t have the option you mention either. Just tried reinstalling but it made no difference

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I am currently using the website and while I am chronically adding too many words when I am highly motivated, i must say that I would miss the feature if it were to be removed from the website. I certainly recommend having a mode that focusses on revision only and one that has the feature of occasionally adding new cards.

personally i feel like that the occasional new word intermixed with revision makes me remember much better as I dont have this slew of new information suddenly. Also new cards need to be revised after a very short period of time (maybe 10 minutes?) , and that works a lot better in the fluent system we have on the website right now. In the app I always found it cumbersome and often demotivating to go click on revise after i learned some cards. There is also another problem, due to that you learn in a block on mobile and then revise that block on its own often, it means that the order of the cards stays unchanged far too long, this is somewhat avoided on the website.

the website has its own set of problems, like asking the component hanzi of a word straight after quizzing that word, but thats the only thing i would complain about on the website.


I just started using the website instead of the app on my phone and it feels so much better. Its fluent, words gets added automatically, I can always see the timer etc. I dont really need more than this (at least not right now) and I dont understand exactly why they removed this from the app. I love just being able to sit down and start directly without having to think about adding more words etc.

Adding new features is great, I am all for customization, the more options the better. However, I am not a fan of removing stuff and replacing it with something else, especially such a basic and simple thing as having words being added automatically which has been a part of skritter from the beginning, or removing the timer from certain study modes etc.

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Well, this is embarrassing :sweat_smile:

The “Mark as complete” option is an admin only feature for right now which is why it isn’t showing up in the app for you guys, but is showing up when I tested it. We’re not quite ready to release the feature but it will be added in. Sorry for the confusion!

In the meantime you could hop on the website to add words in bulk, though.

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@Jeremy I hide all my “dev only” options in a dev menu…makes it clearer what does and doesn’t get seen by the end-user, so the development team doesn’t forget that the user doesn’t get certain functionality. Alternatively, one can also just add “DEV” or something to the label strings to act as a reminder if they have to go in the main workflows. Sticking it front and center is the only way to ensure the team remembers DEV only content.

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