Android question

Is it possible to study sections in a list on the Android app instead of studying the entire list?
I want to do this because the list I’m using is large and I feel that I don’t get to study the full list properly.

Good question! Right now you can only filter down to studying on the list level. We do realize that people would like to drill down further into lists while studying, so that functionality will be added in as we transition to the latest versions of the html5 project we’ve been working on. In short, it’s not possible yet, but will be soon.

Thanks for the info.

Another question, is there any estimation of when this will be ready?

I’m thinking of splitting my list into 4 parts (its just under 600 words) would that be a problem?

We’re going to be moving the new changes to the html5 beta by the end of the month. When that happens we’ll start including a link on the current website to encourage people to try it out.

Yes, having 4 parts with 150 words per part will work. I believe the current section limit is 200 words.