Annoying issue with word reviews/addition


I’ve already complained about that by email because this issue already happened to me a few times, but I didn’t get any reply so I’m opening a topic to discuss it here.

Skritter forces you to overreview your lists without adding new words for extended periods of time until it randomly decides you have over reviewed enough, then arbitrarily adds an insane number of new words all at the same time!
This makes no sense and I feel like it’s killing my progress since I have basically two kinds of study time:

  • overreview with no word to add (extremely boring :/)
  • overwhelmed with new words!!!

I don’t think this was intended, something must be going wrong with the program. Please let me know how to avoid this kind of situation. Maybe selecting the option “manual adding” only ?
It’s a pity because the auto function used to work properly a few years ago, now it’s totally going wrong and it’s very annoying.

Hmm, it looks like there are recent correction reports from your email address, however I’m not able to spot an email regarding this topic when scanning through all the emails linked to your address. It must have not reached us, sorry!

To confirm, which version of Skritter is this happening on?

This might be connected with the negative words count I posted about in another threat:

I worked through the review list, since then the app keeps adding new word and I don’t get any review words any more. Maybe this has something to do with the negative word count. Without knowing anything about the inner mechanics of your app, I can imagine, that the app tries to get to a positive word count - lets say 5 “positive” words - but in my case it’s stuck at -8 words. So the app might “throw” new words at me, without achieving anything.

Again, this happened after switching to the beta of the android app.

Actually, I’d rather not switch back to the alpha version, so it would be great if this problem could be fixed :kissing_heart:

I’ve taken a look at your stats and they appear to be accurate. If you see the learned value as something negative for the day, like -8, it means that 8 items overall are considered forgotten that had previously been counted as learned, which is why the value is negative and not positive.

If the app is still only throwing new words at you and not showing you any reviews, I recommend deleting the app and reinstalling it. Did this happen when your queue reached or neared zero? Please let us know if this persists!

Hi Jeremy,

This happened on the web version 2.0 last week.
But a few months ago it happened on the iOS version.

Sorry for the late reply.
I still have the issue with the new word being thrown at me. My workaround is to have them being thrown and after deciding it’s enough, force shut the app. That’s still more convinient for me than to re-install the app (I live in China, the app is huge and it takes ages to load it from google play with a vpn).

I still don’t think, that the negative stats came from forgotten words. As I said before, they suddenly appeared after switching to the beta