Any plans for an iOS9 related update?

Hi Skritter Team,

I was wondering if you all were working on an update to incorporate some of the added function of iOS9, namely split-screen and multi-tasking?

Having the ability to have split-screen between Skritter and Pleco on my iPad would be very good! I am constantly going between the two, especially when I am updating definitions on the iPad (i use definitions from ABC Dictionary on Pleco).


Hey Joe,

Currently those new iOS features aren’t being integrated into Skritter as an update. I agree that it would help out when updating definitions between the two apps, but as an end goal Skritter focuses on memory recollection. We will continue to support the linking to Pleco from the vocabulary information page within app for those wishing to delve deeper.

In other, more speculative news, we do have hopes of expanding Skritter into a more comprehensive learning tool going forward.

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Thanks for the response Josh. Any little tidbits on what this new Skritter will look like in the future? :smile:

It’s going to more closely match the style of our html5 website, but with modifications to make it easy to use on mobile.

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