Any updates for legacy/old iOS app planned?

The Skritter app being in beta right now are there any maintenance updates planned for the old app?
I would like to see something like studying individual sections of larger lists as in the beta version. And on older iOS devices the old app its the only way to keep using skritter.
Maybe you shouldn’t completely discard the old app until the beta is ready?

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yes, please . . .I have one of those old iPads and would love to see the original iOS app include things like single section of a list being available for study.

This is precisely why we’re working on the beta version! :slight_smile:

We aren’t discarding the older version of the app until the beta version is better than the original in every way. In the meantime, we unfortunately aren’t able to push updates to the original app and it’s as is. If we did push an update for the original app, it would also require a more modern version of iOS so unfortunately that wouldn’t be a solution for older iOS devices that don’t support Skritter. :frowning:

I think that’s a misunderstanding on your part, other apps like WeChat still have full support for iOS 9.0 in their latest version. If your app doesn’t use any iOS 12 features, there should be no problem with backwards compatibility…
There is a “deployment target” setting in XCode:

If I’m wrong, please correct me! :wink:

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