Any way for Skitter to be strict with hane and tome endings?

Skritter by default doesn’t require a hane stroke ending even though it is part of the kanji. Tests like the 漢検 are very strict about enforcing this. I learned writing through skritter without paying any attention to hane endings since the writings were accepted by the handwriting recognizer in Skritter. Is there any way to enforcing the checking of this? Thanks.

I’ve added this to our meeting notes so we can discuss it further! In the meantime the handwriting recognition isn’t adjustable, but it’s possible we’ll be able to tweak it to be a bit more strict.

Thanks. I was surprised when I learned that I would fail the 漢検 because of this. I had thought I had fully learned the writings already. I’m going to have to go back and look if there are any hane stroke endings in each kanji.

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