Any way to decrease the size of Skritter Beta?

I am currently using Skritter HTML5 on Chrome and Firefox, and while it most likely works very well on a tablet-size screen, it doesn’t work very well on a normal computer screen. The window where characters are written is way too large, and it makes for fairly bad writing practice (IMO). Other than that, the beta is miles ahead of the old Flash version.

Is there any way to make the window smaller? Or would that have to be added?

Thanks in advance.

The HTML5 beta in the browser is currently almost identical to the Android version of the app in the Google Play store. As you mentioned, the character writing area tends to be a lot larger on a normal computer screen. We haven’t made much progress on the visual design of the HTML5 site since we’re waiting for our designer to update everything. One we have those we’ll be altering the beta a lot!

One thing you could try in the meantime is opening the site in a new browser window and resizing the window to the point that the writing area is more manageable. That should help cut down on canvas writing size a bit.

Thanks for your comment. Let us know if that helps and stay tuned for more updates in the future!