Any way to study just writing for certain decks?


So I’ve got the definitions, pinyin and tones for all of HSK 1 and 2 fully memorised, and now that I’m starting HSK 3 I want to start learning how to write the characters from earlier HSKs. I’ve set up a custom deck and just added the words I want to be able to write to it, but I can’t figure out a way to enable just writing study for this deck.

Ideally I want to be able to continue studying the definitions, pinyin and tones of all of my current words, in addition to new ones that I’m working through via HSK 3, whilst going back to a much smaller deck (HSK 1 early chapters for now) that is purely to study writing. Is there any way to do this without constantly switching “study writing” on and off in the main settings?

This sounds like a good use case for doing tests on the mobile app. You can do them either on the deck-level or the section-level to control the set of vocabs you’re tested on. And you can just switch off all the parts besides writing. This won’t affect your more global user account settings.